Cleaning Supplies & Maintenance

At Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo, we aren’t just concerned with installing your tile and other custom surfaces…we also want to make sure your investment stays in the greatest shape possible for years to come! That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best tile cleaners and maintenance solutions available in the industry.

Split!: A non-detergent cleaning product and process

split-logoWe highly recommend and stock Split! cleaning products. Although there are many other green products out there, Split! has developed a solution with NO detergent. The significance of this? Well, even heavily diluted, detergents work by being sticky, which can attract soil and hold onto it. This leaves a residue on every surface it touches. In the absence of detergent, Split! works by splitting the soil (all types of organic, non-solid molecules) into the smallest particles of matter, breaking them up into tiny enough bits that they can easily be wiped away. This results in a truly clean surface!


split-cleaning-suppliesSplit! removed tough soil, bio-film, and even old detergent residues, leaving nothing behind to attract more dirt. Gain all of these features using Split! cleaners:

  • Detergent free
  • VOC & solvent free
  • No oxidizers/bleaching agents (like peroxide)
  • No bacteria or enzymes
  • Patented ingredients for removing germs and bio-film
  • Exceeds green testing standards