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Turbo mop

$2995 – Battery
$2595 – Electric

CORDLESS – battery operated for safe, everywhere cleaning
• BIDIRECTIONAL & LOW PROFILE – back & forth motion
– easily gets under bathroom stalls & school desks
• EFFECTIVE VACUUM- picks up debris easily
– perfect for kitchens & food courts
• CLEANS UP TO 1500 sq. ft/h in 1 hour run time
– grouted ceramic, mats, high polished surfaces, rubberized
floors & even carpets
– gets into the tightest corners & spaces
– easy to maneuver for wall to wall cleaning
• Battery charges in 3.5 hours
• Includes 1 x 36V battery and 1 charger
• Optional rapid charger available



  • Can clean virtually any floor surface
  • Very effective on grouted tile and rubberized floors
  • Also cleans carpets, hardwood, profiled ceramics
  • If the floor is uneven use the Duplex
  • 2 counter-rotating brushes that scrub the surface with aggressive action
  • Twin conveyors lift the dirt-filled solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank or you can choose to double scrub the area picking up the water later
  • Brushes and drive unit are offset, so the brushes work right up to the edge of the machine and into difficult corners
  • Brush options include 2 grades of black brushes for regular or aggressive scrubbing , grey is the standard all purpose brush and yellow is for sensitive carpet areas
  • Excellent as a replacement for bonnet cleaning or interim cleaning
  • Our industries best restoration machine when used in conjunction with hot water extraction


WVD 902


  • Powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor with 2 year warranty providing excellent water recovery
  • Motor provides 110″ waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow
  • Ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures water does not reach the motor and vapour barriers can be added to eliminate moisture completely
  • Structural foam tank comes complete with a 10 year warranty
  • Structural foam head material is rustproof and durable with a 10-year warranty against defects
  • Dump tube that permits quick and convenient emptying to a floor drain
  • For wide area cleaning can be fitted with a 29″ front mounted squeegee kit

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