May 15, 2020

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March 16, 2020

To all YTT Employees/Customers


I would like to provide a summary of what we are doing to prepare for the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We activated safeguards for our employees and our customers. Our highest priority is to keep everyone here safe and healthy. We will also maintain a focus on serving our customers, staying true to our commitment to deliver excellent service.

Maintain hygiene cleanliness in everything you do, especially on job sites. As you have heard, wash your hands early and often.

If you have a fever, do not come to work. If you feel unwell, do not come to work.

If you are at higher risk, self-identify to 330.533.4125. We will work with you to make accommodations if possible. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines persons at higher risk. If you are unsure if that applies to you please go to

Until March 31 or further notice, we will stop having and attending larger meetings in person, we express that all meetings be held either via phone conference call or other means.

Consider not attending unnecessary large group activities. Please be thoughtful of everyone you come in contact with when making these decisions. Do not book or commit to new events for the next couple of weeks, until we see how the current situation evolves. The situation is fluid and self-quarantine may be required upon return from travel or attendance at large events.

Until March 31 or further notice, we are suspending all non-essential travel for company reasons.

For personal travel, review travel warnings issued by the CDC. Go to

Our office is currently under contract for a deeper clean by Germ Control Solutions.

We are reviewing the recently passed congressional legislation regarding applicability of the Family and Medical leave Act to YTT. We will advise more on this in the coming days.

We are hearing that some companies are considering the possibility of furloughs, limited work schedules, and other contingency planning if operating at full capacity is not possible. YTT is not considering such moves at this time, but it is something we may have to consider based upon access to job sites and actions by others. This is a fast-evolving situation where things may change quickly and are outside of our control. If we are made aware of a high-risk COVID-19 situation we will communicate this to you while respecting each and every employees privacy rights.

We are doing and will continue to do everything we can to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our employees and our customers. We are all in this together. Please stay safe and healthy!

Sincerely Yours

Joshua A. Cohol